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image3 When I came to Qi Design I needed the designers to understand that I was looking for a living enviroment that countered the high stress job that I hold. My goal was to have a home full of balance and harmony and they did just that.
- Paige Hunter



who are we?

Qi Design is an award-winning New York based interior design firm that specializes in bringing balance, harmony and energy to our clients home or work environment. We achieve this by incorporating the five elements of qi and feng shui. We cater to each clients' personal needs to give them a space that fits their lifestyle and follows the Qi Design philosophy.


  • Color Consultation
  • Interior Consultation
  • Full-Service Consultation
  • Space & Concept Drawings
  • Interior/Exterior Architectural Remodels
  • Project Management

our team

Marcy Hunter

Marcy Hunter

Marcy Hunter has worked as an interior designer for over 15 years. Founding Qi Design in 1995, she has experience in industrial design and architecture

Eric Kim

Eric Kim

Eric Kim has worked as an interior designer for over 10 years. A graduate of NYU, Eric is considered the color theory guru and is invaluable in his assestment of matching our clients to colors that would be posistive for their environment.

Rashida Green

Rashida Green

Rashida Green is the on staff interior designer/therapist. With a dual degree from Berkeley in social work and interior design she is an valuable asset to the Qi team because she evaluates the clients.

Justin Grant

Justin Grant

Justin Grant is an interior design graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. He has worked for Qi Design for 5 years.


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Qi design integrates both green and feng shui elements to create a home with harmony and balance thereby reducing perceptions of stress. We achieve this by studying the clients background history and then creating that balanced home environment. On this page you will witness the design process starting from the client's wishes to our consultation to showing the finished products.

The Client

Todd and Lisa Moyer just recently bought a condo and don't know how to begin decorating it. They both have hectic jobs and are beginning to feel overwhelmed with both the new home and there respective jobs. They both agree that having an open floor plan is important to them.


After a consultation it was decided that a neutral color pallete with one rich accent color would be good for the Moyer's home energy.


The final product consisted of an open floor plan and the neutral color pallete with one rich color that acted as the accent. The kitchen and living room were all in the same area but complimented each other. The high ceilings also helped in opening up the room.

The Client

Carlos and Maria Gomez have just retired and would like to redecorate the kitchen. Maria would like to take you more cooking and needs to the space to do that. They have there grandchildren over a lot and a spacious and open kitchen is a neccessity for them.


To give the client the spacious and open kitchen that they desire we designed a kitchen with an island. The island will give them lots of counter-top space for cooking and also open up the kitchen.


The final product meet all the needs of the client as well as keeping up with the elements of qi by having an open floor plan and having designs that make sense for storage and convience.

Qi Tips

The Five Feng Shui Elements

The Feng Shui elements have a strong role to play for balancing the Qi of a space or home. The Qi energy can be found in various forms identified as Wu Xing (5 Phases) - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each Feng Shui element has unique properties.


Water as in trickling fountain, can signal networking, communication, professional opportunities and wealth.


Wood promotes development and creative energies. You can use wooden objects to promote motivation, inspiration and passion without overwhelming your home.


The element of Fire increases enthusiasm and leadership skills. Use this element in design to encourage expressiveness, inspiration and boldness.


The Earth itself has solidity and permanence to it, and the element of earth appropriately represents these qualities of stability, permanence, and home. This can be necessary in a space that is too full of movement.


Since metal elements are transmitters or conduct energy, introduction of metal can generate attention and transmit energy to that area.

qi decorating tips


  • Sleep in the power spot, which is located directly opposite the door.
  • Light from a variety of sources, such as the bedside pendants and custom-headboard uplights in this room let you adjust bedroom illumination to suit your mood.


  • place the bathtub by a window so that you can experience nature while soaking.
  • Add a mirror to the door to help the bathroom visually disappear.


  • Make sure you can see the entrance of the kitchen when you're cooking, either by installing the stove on an island or by hanging a mirror on your backsplash to reflect the room.
  • Place the stove in the center of the room.